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What do we stand for

Goldsikka (meaning coining fee in Sanskrit), is an asset backed online lending platform, it is disrupting traditional brick-and-mortar lending model. Our low operational costs and credit evaluation tools are making credit cheaper for borrowers and investing more valuable for lenders.

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Affordable Solutions

At Goldsikka, we offer valuable lending solutions at the most affordable interest rates in the market. We aim at a delightful customer experience for our borrowers. Zero processing fee, lower interest rates, personalised support, on demand pickup and return of the valuables are few of our unique features.


Goldsikka Limited is part of a diversified three decades old Aztar Group established in 1990.

Goldsikka is an organised and transparent method of buying 24 carat gold in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Goldsikka is neither a financial product nor a deposit and also not a Profiteering or a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), but a method of purchasing gold for the personal needs of the customer. The customer has complete freedom to seek physical delivery of gold or bars anytime and on as many occasions as he wants. Since it is not physically possible to deliver a fractional quantity of gold, minimum quantity for which the delivery is proposed to be made has been kept as low as 1 gram and in multiples of 1 gram. The gold on behalf of the customer would be purchased including GST as and when his/her clear funds are available.

An invoice is emailed to the customer after each transaction. It is also available in the order history section on the Company's website as well as the distributor platform.

The Company will provide a sell price quote on its website as well as distributor platforms. Customers can choose to sell any amount starting with a minimum of 1 Gram to a maximum of the amount of gold that they own. Proceeds will be sent to the customer's bank account after deducting any applicable transaction charges (which will be disclosed in advance).

Any Indian resident can enroll for Goldsikka.

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